Saturday, October 10, 2009

The future holds ROOBOOTTSSS

So my buddy Kendra was telling me about another one of her BRAINCHILDREN stories and I TOTALLY had to get involved, cuz I'm so nosy like that.

The characters: Jarvis(Upper left) and Ace (upper right the guy all angry) belong to Kenny, and my chara Diamond (chick sleeping as well as the one in color) along with Diamond's robotic cat/tiger computer named Spike.
Diamond works for the Red Deck(good guys) in Kenny's story and is a cyber hacker/informant. She usually cranky/snappy because she lacks sleep(she lives on caffine) and tends to distrust people and keep them at arms length. But deep down she's a good person who really cares for the people she loves, especially Spike.

Jarvis, Ace, Red Deck © Kendra.

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