Sunday, October 11, 2009


MORE SCIENCE!!! I figured I should post the other science doodles up. So when there's NEW ONES, I can just post those LMAO and not worry about sharing the rest of the wonders!

First images of Albert :D

Showing how um...accident prone Park is >>;;;... ALBERT NOW PUTS "LOST" THINGS IN PUDDING. :<
Showing Tessa's Hanna is Not a Boy's Name crew in this one.(I really recommend the comic *_* )

The thing in Albert's head is my chara Fuudog

Introducing Sarah's Alister, and my Cheshire. Alister's a prickface >:{ Butilovehim
Lastly showing MAOR charas, Tessa's chara Mack with Park(and a wee bit of Baby!Molly and Albert)

Albert, Molly, Cheshire, Art © ME
Bee © Lyndz
Mack, Park, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name crew © Tessa
Alister, Verner © Sarah

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