Monday, November 30, 2009

Deities and insanties

Been on a kick of making or revamping my Deity charas. This is Psyche, she's not a deity, but lol I like the story of Eros and Psyche, and my buddy Kenny already has a yeah. Psyche iss a mortal...who's raised by Kaly.

Needless to say Kaly is less inclined for his "daughter's" obsession with the winged bastard.

Which is hilarious cuz Kaly isn't the most darling person either. LUL POOR KENNY.

Random image of SHAVOWL and Twi. Because Twi fears birds, even tiny shavowls who don't even hoot.

And um...random image of Kenny's chara Smoothie and Twi. Cuz she wanted me to draw Smoothie...and i DID.

Twi, Eros, Kenny and Smoothie © Kendra Cook
Psyche, Kaly and Shavowl © MYFACE

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