Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh hai there!

Augh i'm so FAT. Today I start on a diet, which I've needed to do for-EV-ERRR. But now it's a must!

Maybe I'll be less moody/tired/semi depressed *flex* Cuz i am quite miffed right now, because sometimes ppl are just stupid asskissers :\

Anyways, haven't been working on a lot of digital work, mostly traditional to finish up an art package I promised a friend. Here are some POTOOOSS.

Hurrah! Work station!

10 images! 8 of them are actually done, gotta ink/color in the font, THEN i have one more fairly bigger one to pencil on new paper :<. Tiny preview of one image I did last night! Hurrah for glitter and bad marker jobs!

Small snippit! Like...litterally, this is half an inch across and 3 1/2 inches long on a 11x14 page lol!

Art © Me.

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