Friday, April 30, 2010

HEY!! Long time no see fellow bloggians, sorry for the delay! My allergies here are KILLING MEEE so I pretty much went to roll off the face of the interweb and into my bed instead! Oo that rhymed....Anyways, no real finished stuff but a few doodles, enjoy~

Small joke doodle with my chara Jane, Coyote and a (boy!) Selkie!

I was talking to my friend SE and we were discussing pokemon (I'm a huge pokemon fan i must admit) and i said i'd draw her her FAVVVV pokemanz. So here they are! And i'm too lazy to list what the species are *sob*

Lastly, last night I made this chara! Her name is Leilan and she goes into my buddy Demo's story filled with steampunk, geniuses, evil scientists and steampunk gypsies! HURRAH!

Art, Jane, Coyote, (unamed male)Selkie, Leilan © to MEEE
Pokemon © Nintendo!

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