Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teeheehee! Something for Tessa yesterday because she needs MOAR MACK. And I need to draw her MOAR STUFF. BTW that's TOTALLY a Dia kitty!

I don't know why I drew this, I think it was to show, in my mind, that Diamond makes a shitty playboy bunny. She'd just cry and be all "MY FEET HUURTT" and be too cute to be sexy. She's got like....more ass then boobs, lol!

Second part of the image because I showed Kendra, saying Ace would keep her as another pet, but she'd cry because that means she'd have to be in heels. Then she said that Ace would give her bunny slippers. So now she's in a far more DESU outfit. And lol at less cutesy Dia and more um...normal i guess? I can't really say sexy. Tho Jarvis seems flustered regardless, poor guy!

Mack © Tessa
Jarvis, Ace © Kendra
Diamond/Dia kitty © Me!

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