Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a joke that Kitto would be unknowingly jealous/protective over her boss Sadalious, cuz she's got the hots for him. Even going so far as to harass Pyth about info on him. Ken and I also lol at how she always sits on Saddy's desk, she's the only one allowed...EVERRRR

Midlife Crisis GOOO!

Kitto pursues her dreams, or mid-life crisis ones. And decides they're not for her in the end. But damn she'll look hot doing it ;D!

Random Dia and Jar moment. Ken likes to think that Jarvis does the HOUSEWORKS while Dia's at work, and then puts up with her shenanigans when she comes up. More than likely, Dia's full of shenanigans!

Art/Dia/Kitto/Jass © me!
Jarvis/Sadalious/Pyth/Sirius © Kendra

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