Tuesday, March 23, 2010

REALLY, REALLY busy the past week X_X along with SUPAHHH tired. So sorry for the delay babycakes!

FOR ME DARLING WONDERS COT!! Her Mr. Cuddleface and My Wi-Deron and Fareeda :D! She's the one that actually doodled Wi-Deron as a cat, stating that if he's a giant robot why can't he change into a cat. It's true! HE'S FROM THE FUTURE HE CAN BECOME WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS. She's also the reason i drew Mr. Cuddleface in a cactus, a TIME TRAVELING cactus. The Far distracts Mr. Cuddlefaces with a giant bottle of Booze.

For Madeline, cuz I believe she was buu earlier or something :< *sighsigh* She loves pugs with an unholy passion and I love her chara Taro. So I drew the best of both worlds! Taro holding a pug....UNFF <3
Art/Fareeda/Wi-Deron © Me
Mr. Cuddle Face © Cot
Taro © Madeline

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